Tiffany Stewart is an LGBTQ African American designer based in Brooklyn, NY.

With over a decade of experience in the design and technology space she divides her time between working as Head of Design for the forward-thinking blockchain Stellar Development Foundation and building new products, both for clients and her own entrepreneurial pursuits.

Tiffany is a serial brand builder with a passion for human-centered design and utility-focused products. It’s this combination that led her to build the Umoja Foundation, an organization focused on leveraging technology, art, and the human imagination to deliver life-sustaining aid to the individuals it supports and collaborates with.

The self-professed “born lover of technology” saw the emerging power of generative art as an opportunity to bring philanthropy to the blockchain in the form of ethereal dreamscape pieces inspired by the imaginations of the very children she aims to support.





Why put art on the


Simply put, it makes sense.

Art is the connective tissue that can unite us all, and web3 is the technology that can facilitate the globalization of art.

Blockchain technology is fundamental to our endeavors for its numerous benefits like transparency, authenticity, accountability, limitless impact, and mutual benefits for beneficiaries and holders alike.