The Umoja Foundation, founded 2023

Digital art for the greater good

An introduction

The Umoja Foundation is unequivocally dedicated to the cause of financially supporting their partner, Dasom Ministries Orphanage, based in Kasubi, Uganda. This commitment extends beyond the digital realm, where Umoja's innovative web3 project thrives.

Inspired by the children of Dasom Ministries, Founder Tiffany Stewart’s personal contributions have been instrumental in ensuring a nurturing environment for these orphaned children. Now, with the establishment of the Umoja Foundation, the company’s hands-on involvement and unwavering support showcase a profound dedication to making a direct, positive impact on these children’s lives.

Leveraging the growth of the NFT world in recent years, Umoja was founded as an organization that’s unafraid to shake up the industry by creating a digital product with real-world utility and a philanthropic mission dedicated to the betterment of real people who need support the most.

I. Executive Summary

The Umoja Foundation, operating under the domain umoja.foundation, proudly presents a web3 project dedicated to making a direct impact in the lives of those who need it most. Anchored by the title "Digital art for the greater good," our mission revolves around leveraging generative art, technology, and compassionate support to empower orphaned children in Africa. With the power of blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), we aim to make a lasting impact on the lives of orphaned children, starting with Dasom Ministries Orphanage in Kasubi, Uganda.

II. Mission and Goals

At Umoja, our mission is clear: to empower orphaned children through generative art, technology, and direct support. Our approach involves creating digital collectibles inspired by the children themselves, with the proceeds dedicated to their welfare. We go beyond traditional philanthropy, emphasizing connections, amplifying voices, and redefining the way we bring about meaningful change.

III. Dasom Ministries: A Transformative Journey

Nestled in the heart of Kasubi, Uganda, Dasom Ministries is central to Umoja's transformative journey. Umoja has acquired Dasom Ministries, dedicating itself to providing a comprehensive environment for orphaned children. The innovative fundraising strategy involves the sale of blockchain-powered digital collectibles, with proceeds flowing directly to Dasom Ministries. This pioneering initiative establishes a solid connection between Umoja's digital initiatives and Dasom Ministries' efforts, showcasing our commitment to creating tangible, meaningful change.

IV. Smart Contract Process

Digital art creation: Umoja creates unique digital artworks, which are converted into NFTs on the Ethereum network.

  • Ownership verification: When someone purchases a piece of art, a smart contract verifies the payment and ensures rightful ownership.

  • Direct funding: As custodians, Umoja distributes funds from NFT sales directly to Dasom Ministries, bringing real-world value to contributions.

V. Investment Overview and Company Structuring

Outlined below are recurring and fixed cost investments the Umoja Foundation makes to better the lives of the children of Kasubi, Uganda. This is our first goal. Investments will change overtime to best match the needs of children in need. We will publish any new investments to keep our community of support abreast of our impact. The Umoja Foundation is structured as an LLC to provide us with flexibility to reinvest proceeds (after the below needs are met) back into new Umoja Foundation projects and to compensate its team dedicated to making an impact.

Recurring costs:

Food and water: $3,500/mo

  • Typical food includes rice, matoke, and cassava.

  • Education: $2,000/mo

    • Curriculum includes English, mathematics, science, and social studies.

  • Medicine: $2,500/mo

    • Priority medicine includes painkillers, antibiotics, and Panadol tablets.

  • Clothing: $600/mo

    • Aiming to provide clean clothing to 17 children and the broader community.

Fixed cost projects:

Home-building: $100,000

  • Constructing a 17-room home for the children.

  • Clean Water Project: $18,000

    • Creating a clean water source to eliminate waterborne infections.

  • Transport van for 20: $21,000

    • Providing a permanent solution for transportation.

  • Farmland: $7,000

    • Establishing farmland for self-sustainability.

VI. Full Transparency Guarantee

At Umoja, we guarantee full transparency in our financial reporting. All financials, including the projects funded and donations made, will be published regularly. Our users and investors can trust that their contributions support and save the lives of children in need across Africa. We are committed to making a positive impact, and your investment with us ensures a brighter future for orphaned children.

For more information and to join our mission, visit umoja.foundation. Together, we can create a world where creativity and technology transform lives.