Umoja: uniting web3 digital collectibles and real-world utility

Umoja: uniting web3 digital collectibles and real-world utility

Sep 26, 2023

“Put your money where your mouth is.” Yeah, that’s kind of our thing.

Umoja, meaning “unity,” was born at the intersection of our founder’s love for all things tech and giving back to those in need.

Coming from the humanitarian-minded blockchain network Stellar, Tiffany Stewart already had some skin in the game of ‘web3 meets direct impact efforts’ and spotted another largely overlooked opportunity in the space: charity NFTs.

Many of the NFTs on the market, as she puts it, are great pieces but lack real-world application. Although some might provide additional digital goods (say a character or gear purchase for an online game), most collectibles available today miss out on the possibility of tangibly reaching real people. We mean no shade — they’re part of a digital world, after all — but it’s a bit like salt and pepper. Why settle for one when you can have both?

While an Umoja NFT is surely a stunning addition to your collection, we’re so much more than a pretty face! Each of our dreamlike generative collectibles not only provides utility in the physical world through direct impact humanitarian efforts, but were dreamt up by the real humans we support.

In short, Umoja’s charity NFT project puts “food in mouths, medicine in bodies, and roofs over heads,” as Tiffany says. Through our partnership with Dasom Ministries Orphanage in Uganda, our proceeds are able to support 17 orphans — along with many other locals in need — who are also the visionaries behind each piece of digital art. This means Umoja starts with real-world input and ends with real-world impact.

If you’re curious for a peek behind the curtain, pop over to our Instagram where we share the imagination behind each NFT in our collection.

Ready to make a real-world investment in the digital sphere? Umoja’s charity NFT collection mints on November 28th for Giving Tuesday.