The scalable power of boundless imagination

The scalable power of boundless imagination

Sep 29, 2023

“What’s the use of an active imagination out here in the real world?” one might ask. And to that, we’d have to say probably only… everything.

Imagination, a fundamentally human ability, is at the crux of Umoja’s charity NFT mission, not only as the creative force that powers our digital art collection, but as a means to generate positive, lasting change in the lives of those the mission touches.

They say we miss 100% of the shots we don’t take, and we’d like to add that we won’t take any shots that we couldn’t dream up first. Along with continuous access to life-giving resources, our project hopes to broaden the perspectives of disadvantaged youth, giving them the courage and support to dream bigger and thus expand the scope of their future possibilities. With equal access to opportunities for all, who knows what breakthroughs and advancements could be at the world’s fingertips?

In the meantime, we’re feeling inspired by the creativity and heart delivered by the residents of Dasom Ministries Orphanage, such as the art prompt which generated this post’s featured art piece, Duchess of Dunes: “I imagine of a lady’s face dissolving into swirling sand, dust.” A lady of prestige, indeed.

Umoja’s charity NFT project goes beyond thought-provoking digital collectibles — through the real-world utility of our direct impact humanitarian efforts, we hope to tap into the power of human imagination, because that’s the stuff with the scalability to change the world.

Umoja’s first charity NFT collection drops on November 28th for Giving Tuesday.

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