Meet the artistic visionaries: Dasom Ministries Orphanage

Meet the artistic visionaries: Dasom Ministries Orphanage

Nov 8, 2023

Your Umoja charity NFT isn’t just another generative art token. Each piece in our collection originates in the minds of the children its proceeds support at Dasom Ministries Orphanage in Uganda. With the power of AI, these kids’ creative visions are brought to life as dreamlike digital art.

Having dealt with limited resources to take care of meals, let alone educational expenses, Muwonge Joel, Director of Dasom Ministries, places strong emphasis on the importance of funding the resident children’s education. With the aid of Umoja’s charity NFT project, we intend to set the kids of Dasom up to become sovereign and successful adults.

Ready for a behind-the-scenes peek? Let’s meet the artistic visionaries from Umoja’s debut collection of 250 unique NFT artworks:

Namata Doreen, 15 years old

Doreen is in her second year of secondary school (which comprises six years total), where she studies Swahili, English, CRE (Christian religious education), physics, history, geography, math, and art. We look forward to seeing Doreen’s own artworks, as she intends to become an artist and fashion designer.

For now, we have Doreen’s imagination to thank for the blissful dogs featured in Happy Days:

Namutebi Sheilah, 13 years old

Sheilah, in her first year of secondary school, studies art, physics, biology, geography, math, chemistry, CRE, and entrepreneurship. Like Doreen, she plans to become a fashion designer, and we’re sure her collection will be nothing short of aesthetic based on her artistic visions today.

For instance, Sheilah dreamt up a woman among flowers and trees seen in Garden of Delights:

Nalwanga Blessings, 12 years old

In her fifth year of primary school (of seven), Blessings studies four core subjects: English, math, science, and social studies. She dreams of becoming a doctor, specifically to treat hearts.

It was surely with heart that Blessings imagined the piece Moon Mother, which depicts a woman gazing at the moon through a window:

Ssekiwunga Nicholas, 11 years old

Nicholas is in his sixth year of primary school and studies math, science, social studies, and English. He plans to become a doctor, but it remains to be discovered which kind of doctor he’d like to be.

We can thank Nicholas for imagining the epic scene of a lion carrying a boy through the water in Lion Tamer:

Nasolo Valarie, 10 years old

In her first year of secondary school, Valarie studies English, physics, biology, chemistry, art, math, Luganda, entrepreneurship, and CRE.

While she reports being quite happy to stay at Dasom Ministries, when Valarie grows up she’s interested in becoming a bank manager, preferably at Standbic Bank Uganda.

Valerie dreamt up the flying boats in the sky for the piece What Dreams May Come:

Kakoza Swaib, 9 years old

Along with Nicholas, Swaib is in his sixth year of primary school. He would like to become a footballer — and if anyone is wondering, he supports the Manchester United team. Swaib is already working toward his dream by acting as a goal keeper on a school team for younger kids.

Swaib imagined the woman in Atmosphere who holds an umbrella in a yellow atmosphere:

Kabuye Alpha, 8 years old

Alpha, in his third year of primary school, also dreams of being a footballer, currently inspired by Argentine player Lionel Messi who just won a Ballon d’OR award.

Alpha was the creative mind behind Tomorrowland, imagining a skyscraper surrounded by flying cars:

Kasewa Blessings, 7 years old

In her first year of primary school, Blessings is near the beginning of her English, math, science, and social studies curriculum, but already has an idea of what she’d like to do someday.

A figure that she’s seen at the local clinic where the kids get treatment, Blessings would like to become a nurse.

Blessings envisioned a girl gazing up at the golden sky, as featured in Vacancy:

From pixels to progress

Umoja’s long-term vision starts with providing equal access to education and opportunities for the underprivileged that, by leveling the playing field, can unlock a more prosperous collective future.

Dissolving boundaries for borderless impact, your Umoja charity NFT is a symbol of the power of imagination and a badge of the brighter future that we’re committed to building together.

Join the movement and help ensure every kid has the opportunity to dream bigger and create a successful, fulfilling life. Umoja’s debut 6,050-piece collection of charity NFTs drops November 28 for GivingTuesday, exclusively on Rarible.