Build your social credit with charity NFTs

Build your social credit with charity NFTs

Oct 31, 2023

If you’re new to the world of NFTs, one cultural aspect you might discover early on is that community is king.

A common perk of being an NFT holder is belonging to the project’s club or community, even if that simply means to display your NFT as your profile photo on social media and cultivate a sense of belonging with fellow holders.

Beyond a PFP (profile picture) project, Umoja’s Social Credit Club will offer members (all holders are automatically eligible) several perks, including:

  • VIP access to in-person and virtual Umoja events

  • Early access to future drops of NFT collections

  • Special visibility of real-word impact with Dasom Ministries Orphanage and future partners (e.g. AMAs)

  • Discount opportunities (e.g. future drops, printing)

  • Giveaway opportunities

  • Community participation and having a say in its future

  • Early access to join Umoja’s upcoming DAO

That being said, we encourage you to wear your Umoja NFT proudly as a marker of good social standing.

Umoja’s mission includes transforming NFTs into social tokens for good, by using our collections for real-world humanitarian impact. This means your Umoja charity NFT is like a badge of good social credit.

By displaying your Umoja NFT on your social media profiles, you’re humbly showing the world that you’re invested in our collective future. What PFP could be better than that?

Umoja’s debut 6,050-piece collection of charity NFTs mints November 28 for Giving Tuesday, exclusively on Rarible.