NFT utility reimagined: inside Umoja’s charity web3 project

NFT utility reimagined: inside Umoja’s charity web3 project

Oct 12, 2023

At the crossroads of blockchain and the “real world” lies Umoja Foundation, the charity NFT project primed to break the digital mold and serve real-world utility.

Founder Tiffany Stewart calls Umoja a “new type of NFT project” bullish to shine a light on the better side of crypto. “Crypto is like any tool that can be wielded for any purpose,” Tiffany says. “We want to wield it for good.”

Those peering in from the outside may not understand the allure of a non-fungible token (NFT), and may even be alert to fears of false promises or scams. Certainly, these feelings aren’t unfounded — even among the blue-chip (high value and reputable) NFT projects, not many have had a particularly altruistic goal and the web3 world at large “has been a wild west since its inception,” as Tiffany puts it.

“Certain cryptocurrencies have had time to establish themselves as trustworthy projects with a lot of utility,” she explains, noting that not many NFT projects have followed a similar path. “We want to be an example of how utility can be applied to NFTs in a way that’s impactful to real people in the world.”

Umoja is a human-focused web3 project, allocating funds to a continuous flow of resources and necessities like food, medicine, and clothing, as well as education and expansion efforts, for their Uganda-based partner Dasom Ministries Orphanage. Dasom currently houses 17 orphans and provides for a number of surrounding community members in need.

Not only does Umoja’s model end with real-world impact, but it starts in the minds of those the project supports: Each NFT in our collection was dreamt up by one of the residents at Dasom before being seasoned with Umoja’s secret sauce of artistic direction, creating a cohesive set of dreamlike generative collectibles.

By using proceeds from the sales and subsequent resales of these digital collectibles to put real resources in the hands of real individuals, Umoja hopes to spur a timely revolution. “The global adoption age of NFTs starts with missions like ours,” Tiffany predicts.

Through borderless impact and limitless possibilities, Umoja’s use of blockchain and artificial intelligence to generate real-world output demonstrates just a sliver of the potential available to us when web3 meets human ingenuity.

Umoja’s first collection, aptly titled “The Beginning,” can represent the company’s dedication to expansion, driving lasting change, and materializing our vision for a better future. With equal access to opportunities for all, who knows what breakthroughs and advancements could be at the world’s fingertips?

Ready to collect NFTs with real-world utility and impact? Umoja’s charity NFT collection mints November 28 for Giving Tuesday.