Counting every penny: Umoja's impact

Counting every penny: Umoja's impact

Jan 31, 2024

Advancing a brighter global future shouldn’t need to take a painstaking journey.

Thanks to advancements in technology — notably the development of web3 — we are better equipped than ever to redistribute wealth and provide for our fellow humans in need.

The Umoja Foundation’s charity NFT model starts with supporting orphans facing impoverished circumstances because we believe the world can be a more prosperous place if every child is given an equal start.

Proceeds from Umoja’s artwork go back to our very own artistic visionaries, the kids of Dasom Ministries Orphanage in Uganda, funding critical resources like clean water, food, medicine, and clothing, as well as education and expansion opportunities.

For example, we intend to construct a larger, more suitable residence for Dasom and start a farm that can generate revenue for ongoing sustainability.

The cost of food in Uganda can be more expensive than what Americans, for instance, are accustomed to. Rice — a plentiful resource in the US — is considered an expensive food in Uganda, and not everyone can afford it.

A 110 pound bag of rice costs Dasom approximately $165 USD, so serving up enough rice to feed just one meal to their 17 residents and surrounding needy community might cost $33 USD. Another example of a luxury food item is plantains, called “matoke” locally. One bunch can cost as much as $10 USD.

Dasom’s Director Muwonge Joel helped us break down these cost comparisons in more practical terms. A good meal of chicken, rice, and matoke, Joel says, will run you about $10 USD. A low-budget option might be ground nuts and posho, a corn meal made from maize, for around $5 USD.

These costs, plus a dollar for a bottle of water or soda or a glass of passion fruit juice, are rough estimates subject to change based on the US dollar and Ugandan shilling conversion rate.

The key takeaway is that Dasom has big shoes to fill.

Caretaking for so many in need of assistance, especially the young, is an incredible feat. Every bit of support not only counts, but is enthusiastically received. Your contribution genuinely matters and makes a real difference in the lives of real people.

That’s why Umoja is excited to unveil the next prong of our charity art model: a series of canvas print collections, all minted and represented on the blockchain for transparency, authenticity, and immutability.

Collectors of our physical prints are not obligated to collect the print’s corresponding NFT, but they do have the option to claim their NFT and have it transferred to them — completely free of charge. If you're new to web3, you can refer to our guide on how to make a wallet for NFTs.

Prints from our “The Beginning” and augmented reality collections have capped availability at 30 and 15 editions respectively. These high-quality canvas prints are made with premium materials for durability and prominently-sized at 24 by 24 inches.

We’ve also developed a “Forever” collection which can be printed and minted infinitely. These pieces are offered at several sizes and price points to suit your needs. Forever NFTs can be minted infinitely for free, plus nominal $MATIC transaction fees.

Your original Umoja artwork is more than a canvas print or NFT. It’s a beautiful receipt of the most precious gift of all — the betterment of humankind.

Ready to make an impact? Explore our phygital collections and enjoy 20 percent off your order when you purchase two or more prints with code UMOJAEFFECT.