Umoja Impact Report Q1 2024

Umoja Impact Report Q1 2024

Apr 1, 2024

Umoja is committed to transparency as we continue to grow our mission as a philanthropic player in web3.

Thus, every three months, we intend to release an Impact Report that outlines the costs and rough allocations of our proceeds to Dasom Ministries Orphanage in Kampala, Uganda through Dasom’s Director Muwonge Joel.

This report includes a snapshot of all Q1 2024 proceed activity, including a summary of monthly donation amounts to Dasom and a rough breakdown of how the funds were allocated based on Joel’s reporting.

Expense key

Most expenses are bucketed into five categories: food, supplies, medicine, education, and operational.

Below is a brief overview of the types of expenses that fall under each category.

  • Food: This includes ingredients for regular meals, as well as occasional snacks like ice cream and yogurt. Meal ingredients purchased on a monthly basis include milk, onions, green peppers, beans, sugar, salt, rice, and potatoes.

  • Supplies: This category covers the regular purchase of toiletries like toilet paper and soap, as well as clothing purchased on an ad hoc basis.

  • Medicine: This covers the cost of medicine, vaccinations, and medical care for check-ups and treatments.

  • Education: These costs include tuition for all 17 Dasom residents ($2,400 per trimester), books and school supplies, and occasional field trips.

  • Operational: Included in this category are electricity and water bills and staff payments.

Monthly donation amounts and costs

Below is a monthly breakdown of all funding to Dasom Ministries Orphanage from Umoja. Please note that all donation amounts are exact and all fund allocations are estimated.

Q1 2024

January 2024

  • Donation: $6,835

  • Food: $1,515

  • Supplies: $610

  • Medicine: $220

  • Education: $3,750

  • Operational: $740

February 2024

  • Donation: $2,915

  • Food: $1,515

  • Supplies: $0

  • Medicine: $650

  • Education: $0

  • Operational: $690

March 2024

  • Donation: $4,000

  • Food: $1,732

  • Supplies: $570

  • Medicine: $1,060

  • Education: $0

  • Operational: $540

  • Community outreach: $708

Total Q1 2024 donation: $13,750

Thank you for supporting Umoja’s mission to make a tangible impact in real lives.